Why you should Get Lanyards and Why you should Get Ours at www.wholesalelanyards.com?

Edward Thompson
July 17, 2016
Lanyards amidst technology

Despite how quickly technology has been changing our world, improving our lives, and influencing our actions, some things simply won’t ride the bandwagon and subscribe to its ultra-modern form – not yet, at least.  Simple and basic they remain, yet they work perfectly fine.

Take food, for example.  In one of the earlier stories of Archie Comics, in a satirical attempt at depicting the anxieties of human beings, the story was plotted in the far future, some 1,000 years from the present.  Food at that time was described as a one cubic inch wafer, artificially prepared, but containing all the nutrients that a human body needs for the day.  Jughead (Archie’s best friend who loves hotdog sandwiches more than anything else in the world), could not help but resent the food.  He understood the amount of time the scientifically prepared food saves for the people – as one bite is all that is needed to devour it – but he longed for the feeling of satisfaction he gets from eating.  In his opinion – and ours as well – nothing beats an old school hotdog sandwich, freshly cooked, served hot, and dripping with yellow mustard and ketchup.

The same could be said of lanyards to some extent.  Nothing beats them in their game.

Purpose of Lanyards:

Lanyards serve two primary practical purposes:

(1) to hold the ID, badge or keycards connected to it; and

(2) to identify its wearer with a particular group, company or association.

They also serve secondary purposes, to wit:

(1) to serve as a marketing medium for other people; and

(2) to act as a beacon of pride for the wearer.  No other item seems to be capable of meeting these functions.  A piece of light rope or ribbon could be worn around the neck to which an ID could be tied, but it would not be as sturdy as lanyards.  Likewise, a piece of colored paper bearing some company’s logo could be used, but it would not be able to hold an ID, much less inspire someone.

Everywhere – whatever the occasion, scenario or setting may be – lanyards serve their purpose faithfully and in the best possible way.  We see them worn by spectators in tennis tournaments, or by security officers in the Congress, or by marshals in concerts, or, more commonly, by employees and students in their offices and universities, respectively.  Until lanyards get digitized and have added amazing abilities, say, serving as supercomputers on the side, present-day lanyards remain the best in their niche.

Why you should get lanyards:

wholesalelanyardYou should get lanyards for your employees, members or staff because you want people to identify them with your company or your organization.  This works especially when there are a lot of people who belong to different groups in the same place at the same time.  Potential clients, for example, can easily spot your smartly dressed sales reps in a trade show because they know that your company’s trademark color is orange, and your people are wearing orange lanyards.  Similarly, you want your people to take pride in being a member of your organization.  If you have a nice lanyard, chances are, they will be wearing theirs proudly wherever they go, and that means public visibility for your company.  Aside from that, lanyards make wearing IDs a lot more enjoyable and fashionable because of their designs and colors.

Why you should get our lanyards (at www.wholesalelanyards.com):

We’ll give you just the best lanyards available and we’ll make the ordering process as smoothly as possible for you.

Your lanyards are sure to be of the highest quality – we use top-class materials and a color coated Pantone matching system (for over 80,000 colors) to make sure we print your design and your message exactly the way they should be.  We know that any deviation in style or color pertains to an entirely different company or group.  You also have an assurance that you will receive your orders on time.  We do manufacture lanyards both onshore and offshore, but because we ship directly from our warehouse, delivery becomes much faster.  And certainly, our lanyards are budget-friendly.  From as low as you can imagine – depending on the quantity ordered, of course – to as high as a couple of dollars (with all the add-ons and accessories you’ll ever need), our pricing can be safely considered as one of the industry’s best.

Apart from all of these, we take pride in making the entire process as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible for you. Visit our website (www.wholesalelanyards.com) and create your own lanyard in just three simple steps: (1) select lanyard type and quantity, and lace width; (2) select lanyard attachments and options; and finally, (3) build your lanyard imprint design.  Choose from six styles: polyester, tubular, woven, nylon, dye sub, or cord lanyards.  As you browse through the different colors and designs, you’ll be able to see a sample of your work, displayed on the left-hand side of your screen.

Whatever lanyard you need, we’ll have it perfectly done for you.  Here at www.wholesalelanyards.com, our clients can attest to our brand of service.

So, next time you hold an event, or just about any time, if you still don’t have one, make sure to get your lanyards from us (at www.wholesalelanyards.com), and we assure you, you’re going to love and wear them proudly around your neck.