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Kristina Chung
August 24, 2016

PCB or printed circuit board is one of the marvelous innovations in the modern production of electronic parts. It is usually made of plastic that’s made from glass, having copper tracks that essentially connect the components are attached. Epoxies or ephonolics are also used for a cheaper version of PCB. The only disadvantage of using these is that it results to a lesser durability compared in using fiber glass material.

Holes are required to be drilled on the board to properly place the components onto the board. Soldering PCB is also needed for a firmer hold of the components. Before the introduction of PCBs, circuit boards are manually assembled with a limited scope. Electric connections through point-to-point wiring are established but frequent failures at wire junctions are observed as wiring conjunction aged and cracked. This led to higher demands of cost-effective and durable circuit boards. The development of PCB modern designs began as early as 1900s but only converged until 1980s. Now, printed circuit boards are the major component for the production of various electronic products such as computers, smart phones, tablet and any other gadget.

PCB assembly are now automatically assembled through the various modern technologies of today.

Printed circuit boards can be one copper layer or single sided, two copper layers or double sided and multilayer. Multilayer PCBs are ideal for a much higher component density. Pads and other features of PCB are etched from copper sheets and laminated to one or both sides. Multiple layers of material are laminated together to form a multilayer PCB. Vias help connect electrical components and conductors.

Pcb fabrication

There is no doubt that printed circuit board products have several distinctive benefits that help improve electronic products. That’s why many electronic companies prefer using printed circuit rather than manually assembled bread board. With printed circuit boards, components are more securely fixed. It is a simple electronic part to use since there are no complex wirings attached all over the board. It is also easy to maintain since all the board components are fixed and easy to identify. Short circuit occurrences are less likely to occur for it has been thoroughly checked for errors in a computerized manner. Copper tracks are embedded directly to the board thus, making it to have minimal chance of wrong wirings.

Unlike with wire wrapping that takes long hours to complete one unit, PCBs are ideal for large quantity production since manufacturing them could be done in just a matter of several minutes. Manufacturing PCBs is very cost effective and need less labour cost. Printed circuit boards can even withstand environmental conditions and resist corrosion. Printed circuit boards at pcbnet are certified and safe to use hence, there are no further inspections needed. Reproduction of the board can be done any time with the same schematic layout for everything is computer generated. Printed circuit board design can be easily printed and etched in a copper board.

PCBAutomatically assembling printed circuit boards would be less time consuming compared to hand-assembled PCBs. Small quantities of printed circuit board orders at pcbnet can be done in 5-6 days and production of 2-3 weeks. Once done, your orders will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Printed circuit boards can be fabricated that will suit any of your PCB purposes. There are flexible, rigid-flexible and multilayer PCBs. Flex printed circuit boards are versatile and can be shaped to fit any of your design. Flexible PCB is also budget-friendly without compromising the performance and precision density. Rigid-flexible boards, on the other hand, combined the advantages of flexible and rigid PCB. It is ideal since it results to a better signal transmission, overall size and stability. Metal circuit boards are also available like Arlon, Nelco, aluminium core printed circuit board and many others.

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