All About the Iron On Patches

Patrick Cockrell
August 11, 2016

Embroidered PatchesWe are always using patches, especially in wearing our uniforms in school or office. These embroidered patches are commonly being used in order to show that we are a part of a certain organization or institution. We are being able to show other people that we are a student of a certain school, or maybe, we are working with this type of company. Whatever group we are depicting through wearing a uniform with a patch, the purpose of it is never changing. It is to display our membership from a particular group.

The patches comes in different types. There are patches that are being sewn on the garment, the Velcro type of patches that is easy to remove, button loop patches that are being hung into the pin or button and the patches that is being imprinted into the cloth with the use of the heating process. Among these types of patches, one of a kind is the Iron On Patches. It is a type of patch that can be attached to any kind of garment or personal things such as shirts, jackets, bags, shoes, or anything that is very similar to these kinds. There are several companies or makers of patches. One of it is the Patches4Less. We are making several kinds of custom patches. We have patches which allow you for easy attachment into the garment.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself on why these kind of patches are being produced? The Iron On Patches, like any other embroidered patches, is also a material made of fabric. But, the purpose of it is to cover faded or torn parts of a certain clothing. It is being used to add decoration to the garment and hiding the weak parts at the same time. It is also being used to customize a clothing.

The Iron On Patches are being used by certain people in order to cover the stained and discolored parts of a cloth. Even the holes of the cloth can be covered by this kind of patch. Your old clothes can have a longer life by using the patches. You can also save money because you won’t need anymore to buy new clothes. The Patches4Less is your one stop shop of custom patches. We can make your custom patches which are all applicable to any kind of clothing’s.

Another purpose of patches is it adds creativity and decoration to your cloth. Custom patches can make your clothes more artistic and creative. You can put it in your jacket or denim jeans. These kind of patches can also be attached to different kinds of bags. The attires of police, militaries, and any other government servants are containing custom patches.

How can you use these kinds of patches? What are the processes involved in using iron on patches? The most important thing that you shall not forget is to know first if the material or fabric you will use is very suitable for ironing. You must check if the material is not easy to melt, or is not capable of burning or melting. The ideal temperature for cotton fabric is 400 while for the wool is 300. You must avoid silk, nylon and leather fabrics because these are easy to melt.

Unlike other kinds of patches, the iron on is very easy to use. Just by using a heat and a towel, you can attach the patch into the cloth. It doesn’t cause any damage on the surface of the garment. Once it is attached to the cloth, it becomes a part of its surface. It has a long lasting result too. You can use any kind of equipment that produces heat, such as household iron or heat press machine. Determine the exact position where you would like to attach the patch. Do not directly press the patch with the iron.

The Patches4Less offers patches with high quality and affordable prices. To know more about our products and services, you may reach us on our website at or to our other social media sites.

The Iron On Patches adds decorations to your clothing. With the help of other accessories such as sequins and beads, your clothing will have one of the best appearance. Your old cloth will turn into a new one in just a short time.