Military Coins: A brief background

Janet Richmond
August 5, 2016

Military coins is considered to be one of the most famous commemorative coins way back World War I. It is issued to members of organizations, units, campaigns, or battle groups to signify loyalty and to identify members who are scattered all over the world. Carrying a military coin is considered to be one of the well-respected traditions to build camaraderie and unity in the military.

Challenge Coin

During the World War II, special coins are used to challenge other units or member of the same unit. When the members of an organization or a battalion gather together, they slam their coins in the bar, whoever turned out to not have his coin will be the one to pay the bill. This long- standing tradition is still being practiced by some military members and veterans until now. Aside from being used to challenge others, such coins are sometimes being sold to the public to raise funds for different charities and for variety of purposes. It is also highly collectible because to the uniqueness and identity of the coins.

Brief History Of Military Coins :

In the military, challenge coins are given out as tokens of appreciation for the success of a mission or for the survival of a certain military officer. Military coins are not considered simply as tokens, the military has placed a lot of meaning and pride in the coins. It represents the duty of each military member to uphold the honor and integrity of the country and its countrymen. Until now, military members are still heavily required to carry with them everywhere they go their own coins. Heavy sanctions or penalties are usually given to those who fail to follow such rule. The coins must be safely kept, taken care of and should never be taken for granted.

Organizations, battalion units, and other groups or military branches take great pride in their own coins since it symbolizes the core objective of the organization. It contains the unit’s emblem or insignia. It provides identity to whoever the emblem holder is. Military coins may contain mottos or symbols to identify the organization to which it belongs. The symbols in the coins are associated to the objective or duty of the unit. Military coin comes in different shapes and sizes. The organization can freely choose the design, style, motto and symbols to include in the coin. Because of the variety and uniqueness of the style of such coins, they are considered as one of the highly collected items by known collectors all over the world.

Different branches of the Armed forces such as the Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force units have their own unique coins. As a sign or proof of membership to a certain unit, members are expected to carry it all the time and to take care of it no matter what. Members of the unit are also expected to behave with integrity whenever they are carrying the military coin. It enhances the morale of members knowing that they belong to a certain unit.

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