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Kristina Chung
August 24, 2016

PCB or printed circuit board is one of the marvelous innovations in the modern production of electronic parts. It is usually made of plastic that’s made from glass, having copper tracks that essentially connect the components are attached. Epoxies or ephonolics are also used for a cheaper version of PCB. The only disadvantage of using these is that it results to a lesser durability compared in using fiber glass material.

Holes are required to be drilled on the board to properly place the components onto the board. Soldering PCB is also needed for a firmer hold of the components. Before the introduction of PCBs, circuit boards are manually assembled with a limited scope. Electric connections through point-to-point wiring are established but frequent failures at wire junctions are observed as wiring conjunction aged and cracked. This led to higher demands of cost-effective and durable circuit boards. The development of PCB modern designs began as early as 1900s but only converged until 1980s. Now, printed circuit boards are the major component for the production of various electronic products such as computers, smart phones, tablet and any other gadget.

PCB assembly are now automatically assembled through the various modern technologies of today.

Printed circuit boards can be one copper layer or single sided, two copper layers or double sided and multilayer. Multilayer PCBs are ideal for a much higher component density. Pads and other features of PCB are etched from copper sheets and laminated to one or both sides. Multiple layers of material are laminated together to form a multilayer PCB. Vias help connect electrical components and conductors.

Pcb fabrication

There is no doubt that printed circuit board products have several distinctive benefits that help improve electronic products. That’s why many electronic companies prefer using printed circuit rather than manually assembled bread board. With printed circuit boards, components are more securely fixed. It is a simple electronic part to use since there are no complex wirings attached all over the board. It is also easy to maintain since all the board components are fixed and easy to identify. Short circuit occurrences are less likely to occur for it has been thoroughly checked for errors in a computerized manner. Copper tracks are embedded directly to the board thus, making it to have minimal chance of wrong wirings.

Unlike with wire wrapping that takes long hours to complete one unit, PCBs are ideal for large quantity production since manufacturing them could be done in just a matter of several minutes. Manufacturing PCBs is very cost effective and need less labour cost. Printed circuit boards can even withstand environmental conditions and resist corrosion. Printed circuit boards at pcbnet are certified and safe to use hence, there are no further inspections needed. Reproduction of the board can be done any time with the same schematic layout for everything is computer generated. Printed circuit board design can be easily printed and etched in a copper board.

PCBAutomatically assembling printed circuit boards would be less time consuming compared to hand-assembled PCBs. Small quantities of printed circuit board orders at pcbnet can be done in 5-6 days and production of 2-3 weeks. Once done, your orders will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Printed circuit boards can be fabricated that will suit any of your PCB purposes. There are flexible, rigid-flexible and multilayer PCBs. Flex printed circuit boards are versatile and can be shaped to fit any of your design. Flexible PCB is also budget-friendly without compromising the performance and precision density. Rigid-flexible boards, on the other hand, combined the advantages of flexible and rigid PCB. It is ideal since it results to a better signal transmission, overall size and stability. Metal circuit boards are also available like Arlon, Nelco, aluminium core printed circuit board and many others.

The pcbnet has been providing services for more than 18 years to different electronic companies such as Intel, Whirlpool, Motorola, Ericsson, HP, Sony Electronics, and many others. We have received numerous certifications for effectively turning out PCB orders to our valued customers. By the way, we are ITAR, CCR and ORCA registered, ISO certified and UL and WEEE approved. We have our coastal facilities in Korea, Taiwan and mainland China for our customers to gain more access of our printed circuit board products.

Here at pcbnet, we have been thoroughly designing and fabricating your printed circuit board orders to effectively meet all your expectations and requirements with PCBs. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express as your mode of payment for all your printed circuit board orders. When it comes to customer service, we’ve never failed all our valued customers. So if you need for a quality printed circuit boards, our very dedicated staff are always on the go and will definitely provide you printed circuit board products that will definitely exceed all your PCB expectations.

All About the Iron On Patches

Patrick Cockrell
August 11, 2016

Embroidered PatchesWe are always using patches, especially in wearing our uniforms in school or office. These embroidered patches are commonly being used in order to show that we are a part of a certain organization or institution. We are being able to show other people that we are a student of a certain school, or maybe, we are working with this type of company. Whatever group we are depicting through wearing a uniform with a patch, the purpose of it is never changing. It is to display our membership from a particular group.

The patches comes in different types. There are patches that are being sewn on the garment, the Velcro type of patches that is easy to remove, button loop patches that are being hung into the pin or button and the patches that is being imprinted into the cloth with the use of the heating process. Among these types of patches, one of a kind is the Iron On Patches. It is a type of patch that can be attached to any kind of garment or personal things such as shirts, jackets, bags, shoes, or anything that is very similar to these kinds. There are several companies or makers of patches. One of it is the Patches4Less. We are making several kinds of custom patches. We have patches which allow you for easy attachment into the garment.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself on why these kind of patches are being produced? The Iron On Patches, like any other embroidered patches, is also a material made of fabric. But, the purpose of it is to cover faded or torn parts of a certain clothing. It is being used to add decoration to the garment and hiding the weak parts at the same time. It is also being used to customize a clothing.

The Iron On Patches are being used by certain people in order to cover the stained and discolored parts of a cloth. Even the holes of the cloth can be covered by this kind of patch. Your old clothes can have a longer life by using the patches. You can also save money because you won’t need anymore to buy new clothes. The Patches4Less is your one stop shop of custom patches. We can make your custom patches which are all applicable to any kind of clothing’s.

Another purpose of patches is it adds creativity and decoration to your cloth. Custom patches can make your clothes more artistic and creative. You can put it in your jacket or denim jeans. These kind of patches can also be attached to different kinds of bags. The attires of police, militaries, and any other government servants are containing custom patches.

How can you use these kinds of patches? What are the processes involved in using iron on patches? The most important thing that you shall not forget is to know first if the material or fabric you will use is very suitable for ironing. You must check if the material is not easy to melt, or is not capable of burning or melting. The ideal temperature for cotton fabric is 400 while for the wool is 300. You must avoid silk, nylon and leather fabrics because these are easy to melt.

Unlike other kinds of patches, the iron on is very easy to use. Just by using a heat and a towel, you can attach the patch into the cloth. It doesn’t cause any damage on the surface of the garment. Once it is attached to the cloth, it becomes a part of its surface. It has a long lasting result too. You can use any kind of equipment that produces heat, such as household iron or heat press machine. Determine the exact position where you would like to attach the patch. Do not directly press the patch with the iron.

The Patches4Less offers patches with high quality and affordable prices. To know more about our products and services, you may reach us on our website at or to our other social media sites.

The Iron On Patches adds decorations to your clothing. With the help of other accessories such as sequins and beads, your clothing will have one of the best appearance. Your old cloth will turn into a new one in just a short time.

Military Coins: A brief background

Janet Richmond
August 5, 2016

Military coins is considered to be one of the most famous commemorative coins way back World War I. It is issued to members of organizations, units, campaigns, or battle groups to signify loyalty and to identify members who are scattered all over the world. Carrying a military coin is considered to be one of the well-respected traditions to build camaraderie and unity in the military.

Challenge Coin

During the World War II, special coins are used to challenge other units or member of the same unit. When the members of an organization or a battalion gather together, they slam their coins in the bar, whoever turned out to not have his coin will be the one to pay the bill. This long- standing tradition is still being practiced by some military members and veterans until now. Aside from being used to challenge others, such coins are sometimes being sold to the public to raise funds for different charities and for variety of purposes. It is also highly collectible because to the uniqueness and identity of the coins.

Brief History Of Military Coins :

In the military, challenge coins are given out as tokens of appreciation for the success of a mission or for the survival of a certain military officer. Military coins are not considered simply as tokens, the military has placed a lot of meaning and pride in the coins. It represents the duty of each military member to uphold the honor and integrity of the country and its countrymen. Until now, military members are still heavily required to carry with them everywhere they go their own coins. Heavy sanctions or penalties are usually given to those who fail to follow such rule. The coins must be safely kept, taken care of and should never be taken for granted.

Organizations, battalion units, and other groups or military branches take great pride in their own coins since it symbolizes the core objective of the organization. It contains the unit’s emblem or insignia. It provides identity to whoever the emblem holder is. Military coins may contain mottos or symbols to identify the organization to which it belongs. The symbols in the coins are associated to the objective or duty of the unit. Military coin comes in different shapes and sizes. The organization can freely choose the design, style, motto and symbols to include in the coin. Because of the variety and uniqueness of the style of such coins, they are considered as one of the highly collected items by known collectors all over the world.

Different branches of the Armed forces such as the Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force units have their own unique coins. As a sign or proof of membership to a certain unit, members are expected to carry it all the time and to take care of it no matter what. Members of the unit are also expected to behave with integrity whenever they are carrying the military coin. It enhances the morale of members knowing that they belong to a certain unit.

Military coins are precious and unique and something to take great pride of. It is an item truly cherished by many because of the deep meaning it signifies. It signifies the unique bond you share with your colleagues which is why Challenge Coins 4 less is the best one-stop shop that can help you create the best and most unique customized military coin you can share with your members.
Challenge Coins 4 less is a shop that can professionally help and guide you in all the steps to making a great and memorable military coin. The experts will guide you from the planning, to the designing up until the manufacturing and distributing of the coins you can share with your unit members with great pride. You can freely choose the size, shape, color, metal style and design. You can also add your motto, symbol, logo or whatever you want to include in making your coins as unique as possible. We will guide you in making all your choices, help you in choosing your designs, and support you with any changes or modifications you may want to do. We can also provide for designs you can choose from.

Since your military coin will signify your unit, we assure you that we will create the coins you will be greatly proud of. We provide great service for people who take pride on their duty, honor and country. Keeping in mind our respect for your hard work and dedication, we will only give you the best service we have. We will help you in the creation of a masterpiece that can best represent your unit. Rest assured that we will only use the best materials, follow the best design, and keep in mind the meaning you want to portray in the military coins.

Author Bio: is a shop that can professionally help and guide you in all the steps to making a great and memorable military coin. Military coin comes in different shapes and sizes.